Constructing Excellence Annual Conference 2024

Constructing Excellence held their annual conference in 2024 named ‘Delivering Tomorrow Today’ which included the Our Future Climate Panel. Discussion focused on how better procurement practices, greater dater sharing, implementation of an integrated approach and improved collaboration can deliver a more positive Future Climate.

Key points of discussion were Future Climate, Future Society, Future Major Projects, and Future Delivery. Future Climate explored the challenges of the current climate and so procedures and data sharing we can put in place to make real improvements to the goal of Net Zero. Future Society discusses what the industry can do to bring greater benefits to society and the people we serve such as, better communication with end users before a build, during and after. Communication will give us a clearer idea of the needs of the society we serve. The Future Major Projects panel explored the barriers to productivity and pipelines we can put in place to improve value. Future Delivery discussed the Building Safety Act, modern methods of construction, procurement models and framework agreements. They explored the positive impacts the above had on construction and delivery in a more successful, safer, and more collaborative manner.

Read the full conference notes by following the link Delivering Tomorrow Today: Future Climate – Constructing Excellence